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Stockholm Snapshots

Hej Hej!

Each time I’m fortunate to head off on a press trip, I fill up a handful of my camera’s memory cards with far too many snaps. New architecture, friendly faces, too-cute-to-miss animals and exceptional styling are usually the culprits! When I get home I’m faced with the task of editing them down in to cohesive blog posts, but some just don’t fit. A curious pug, a glass of champagne and a pair of shoes..not exactly the most logical of combinations. So here we have a snapshot diary of my 4 fun-filled days in Stockholm. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that pug’s pretty face, would you?!

First and foremost, I’d like to introduce you to new friends, Chantal, Marianna, Lisa & Camille, who are are just a few of the international bloggy pals I made in Stockholm – one of my favourite things about blogging is the friends you can make all over the globe.  I also fell in love with a few designers too…spot the pink haired model above? She walked with an army of pastel-adorned beauties in floaty dresses at the Ida Sjöstedt show, all with perfectly coiffed pink hair. I now know exactly where to look when I plan on hunting down a wedding dress (a bit of forward planning never hurt, right?).

But what excited me even more about Stockholm was that I had no clue what it would be like! Despite having read Swedish blogs since the beginning of time, and appreciating their effortlessly cool style, I had no expectations of what Stockholm would be like. But it presented me with rain and sunshine in equal measure, beautiful old buildings, fantastic design and too many cute dogs to handle. I also spotted a few of those blogs that had inspired me years ago, including Lisa above and Elsa, too!

I couldn’t recommend Stockholm enough. I didn’t manage to do any shopping whilst I was there (large price-tags and empty purses don’t get along), but would be happy to offer up tips to any other Stockholm first-timers!

Thanks again to Bloggers Wardrobe for the invitation, and to Elite Eden Park Hotel for having us! x

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    • Carrie Reply

      Isn’t it amazing? Not sure how they did it..I’d love it if my hair was light enough to try it out! : )

  1. missecl Reply

    Aaaaw, I love the pics, but the dog is the cutest! <3 you are so lucky! Going to new places and making new friends!! 😀

  2. Kiki Reply

    Lucky you. Have never been to Stockholm, perhaps I need to go (now if only my purse would magically get full)

  3. Fern Reply

    This all looks so lovely. You take the best pictures and it looks like you had a great time. Plus you can’t beat a cute pug x

  4. Joyce Reply

    Hi Carrie,

    Don’t apologise for random photo-filled posts, those are the best of all! That pug is the cutest. 😀

    Love Joyce

  5. Alice Reply

    Awww, my heart literally stopped when I spotted that Schnauzer, what a cutie! I love the photos, and I love the all the pink hair xo

  6. Sarah Reply

    I love Stockholm. And the dog pics are beaut – I was instagramming Dog of the Day when I was over there as there are just so many cute canines!


  7. Esther Reply

    I really love those kinds of snapshot diaries, I find them to be far more interesting than boring descriptions of fashion shows! Lovely impressions, Carrie!

  8. Astrid Reply

    Carrie, I think the fact that all of your photographs aren’t just of models walking down the runway and strictly “fashion” all the time is part of your blog’s charm! Sometimes, reading blogs that are just like “a picture of my purse, a picture of my dress, in my driveway. Cue head tilt.” are quite a bore. You always seem to be going on so many adventures and you always have interesting pictures!
    -Astrid Moet from <3

    • Parmod Reply

      Hej Bibbi!Roligt att “snubbla” f6ver en person som ockse5 (precis som jag) ska vara med i KHVCs menotr pe5 SFF! Extra kul eftersom jag kikat in pe5 din blogg de5 och de5 tidigare! Vi ses i februari, om inte ff6rr. Lycka till med ditt jobb!Vinterkyliga gre5ve4dershe4lsningar fre5n c5sa Maria Hedberg, konstne4r/keramiker/glasble5sare i d6stersund.

  9. Tara Reply

    Every single snap of yours – no matter how seemingly inconsequential – tells a story; from the beautiful contrast and perfect composition, to the lovely subject matters i.e the gorgeous pug!

    Best Wishes,